About Us

Transparent | Professional | Reasonable

Karadhan provides personal and business tax administration support for residents and non-residents in India. For individual clients, we prepare and file income tax returns on your behalf. We also provide accounting support to national and international individuals in India.

Karadhan provides accounting support for national and international clients running businesses in India. We provide an integrated bookkeeping platform that allows you to issue and receive invoices, file for GST and for Advance Income Tax, monitor business performance, obtain financial reports, and integrate your bank transactions. Karadhan provides a complete business administration experience with automated tax filing and personal accounting support.

How we work

Karadhan employs a subscription-based service model. You pay a fixed quarterly or annual subscription fee, which gives you unlimited access to our resources. Along with that, no additional cost is invoiced for extra hours. We provide all our services in English. An established tax advisor for the international community in India, Karadhan has over 15 years of experience serving the national and international communities of India. Over these years, we have grown into the largest tax advisory business for nationals and internationals in the country.

Our Mission

Karadhan's mission is to offer the individuals of India, whether national or international, a transparent, professional, and reasonable support platform for Indian tax matters. Our services are designed to help people navigate the Indian tax system with ease and confidence. We provide information, support, and tools to help you handle various tax requirements, such as filing Income Tax, Goods and Service Tax, TDS, Advance Income Tax, etc. Karadhan has positioned itself as the English-language bridge between you, the national or international individual or business, and the Indian Tax Office. Karadhan offers its tax services throughout India. For individuals who reside outside the country and require Indian tax support, we offer various online services to overcome the physical distance. Karadhan works exclusively with the Indian Tax Office.

Our Transparency

Karadhan services are designed to offer full transparency at all times. Reliability is our core business value. Customer satisfaction is our objective. We even have a dedicated Customer Satisfaction Manager who handles customer complaints. The Customer Satisfaction Manager is authorised to take an independent decision on a dispute between a customer and Karadhan. Customer satisfaction is very important to us, so you can be assured that every complaint will be investigated.

Our Professionalism

aradhan works with experienced and specialised professionals. We have developed systems—and will continue to do so—to offer tailor-made tools to serve our international clients and their businesses. Our professionals use specialised industry software and standards to process tax data accurately.

Our Reasonable Pricing

Being the largest tax specialist for national and international citizens of India allows us to offer affordable prices. We employ online tools and custom-made systems that assure accuracy and reliability in processing your data, while our tax specialists are focusing on the true subject matter: taxes.